Brandon Rue is a native of Meridian, MS. He is a Communications Studies Major with a Double Minor in Political Science and Psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi. At the age of 17, Brandon accepted his calling in the ministry as a Minister of the gospel in his hometown of Meridian, MS. Here he served as the youth minister and worked closely with the pastor. Brandon now volunteers at West Point Baptist Church in Hattiesburg MS, where he teaches the youth’s Christian development classes. Brandon’s passion for the youth is not only in the church, he has founded a non-profit organization known as Elevate. This organization was charted in February of 2018. The organization was founded to promote leadership and empowerment, provide exposure to a variety of career options, promote pro-social behavior, and endorse the importance of being responsible. The organization completes these objectives by working with 5th grade students at Woodley Elementary School in Hattiesburg, MS.

Since entering college Brandon has worked hard to change the narrative that young people do not care about politics and don’t vote as he has worked with multiple organizations and movements to create change. Brandon has worked with Common Cause, a national bipartisan organization that fights for the common-sense rights of people. He has also done work for the poor people’s campaign who strive to provide a voice for the voiceless. Brandon’s activism has really shown in his time at the University of Southern Mississippi as he has registered over 1500 of his peers to vote. He has also created and led marches and walks to the polling precinct to promote the importance of using your voice and voting. Brandon is no stranger to campaigns either as he has already worked on four different campaigns during his time in college. He began his political work by volunteering for Johnny Dupree in his re-election bid for Mayor. He then continued by working for Kathryn Rehner in her state legislature race, Representative Jeramey Anderson in his bid for United States Congress, and Sectary Mike Espy when he ran for United States Senate. Brandon aspires to give the people a true representative one who wants to hear from the people and give them a voice. He believes the most effective way to help people is by being the one in the seat making the decision instead of lobbying someone else to think like you. He wants to be an elected official so that the people can have a voice. One day Brandon anticipates being called Mr. President as he gives the people a voice from the nation’s highest office.