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Mississippi is ranked 44 out of the 50 states for providing access to mental health services. 38.3% of adults with mental health illness receive treatment, while the remaining 61.7% receives no treatment. Between the years 2010-2017, Mississippi psychiatric beds declined tremendously from 1, 156 to 486. On March 10, 2010, Southern Poverty Law Center sued Mississippi after accusing them of failing to meet the needs of and discriminating against children with mental illness. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Mississippi for failing to deliver adequate resources to its residents.

2. Why Is It Overlooked?

Most Americans lack of knowledge that can cause them to underestimate the significant impact it can have on a person or family.

Another good reason, most people are faced with financial barriers that can keep them from receiving proper therapy/treatment.

Many believe that mental illness is a sign of laziness or weakness.


We are promoting “Double Take” encouraging people to learn more about mental health before unconsciously falling victim to mental illness or labeling a person that is mentally-ill crazy, lazy, or weak-minded.